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headspace is a mental well-being counselling service for young people between the age of 12 and 25 years. headspace is a place where everyone is welcome, where nothing is wrong and where no problems are too big or small to talk about.

It is always possible to call, text e-mail, chat or stop by the nearest headspace to have a talk with an employee or a volunteer. In headspace, there is always someone who listens and someone to talk to. Everything is on the your terms. Headspace does not keep a written record, there is no waiting time and everything is free.

Headspace was founded in Denmark in 2013 and today we are 18 headspaces nationwide. More than 29,000 young people been in contact with a headspace since the opening in 2013. A handful of employees and a big workforce of dedicated volunteers of all ages and backgrounds carry out the daily service in the headspaces. This is a part of what makes headspace unique and makes sure that everyone can the help and support that they want and need.

The mission of headspace is to help young people and to prevent that mental problems grow too big in silence. Headspace aims to be a safe space for help and guidance and to work preventative against mental problems and all the struggles that comes along with being young in today’s society.

headspace is not part of the local authority, government or the established healthcare system, but a close collaboration ensures that we can provide the best help possible.

Here you can read some of the central reports and analyzes made about headspace: uses cookies

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