We strive to make a difference

In headspace data, analyzing and documentation are key areas in the work of improving the mental health and well-being of the Danish youth.

In the recent years, there has been an increased national and international focus on mental health among young people – and on how to improve it.

Since 2013 we have met young people regarding different issues related to their mental health and well-being. We have seen that many young people dealing with both social and mental issues and challenges. Many thousands of these young people has visited headspace to meet someone to talk with.

The knowledge we have gained in these meetings and talks with the youth has been documented. We document to learn and we try to document and analyze our effort because we want to be able to provide the best help possible in order to improve the mental well-being of children and the youth in Denmark.

Here you can read some of the central reports and analyzes made about headspace:

Economists Without Borders: ‘Analysis of headspace', 2017


Nordic Centre for Welfare and Social Issues: ‘In focus: Mental health among young people’, 2016

Incentive: 'The economic gain in investing in headspace', 2017

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